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Palos Verdes Peninsula

Located at the south part of Los Angeles county, Palos Verdes is known for dramatic ocean (Pacific), and city views. “Palos Verdes” is a Spanish phrase that roughly means “green stalks” or “green wood. You will see a lot more of trees in this area compared to the neighbors like San Pedro, Long Beach or even Redondo Beach.

We just moved to this neighborhood this year and got the chance to explore lots of beautiful spots. We live in complex overlooking the Pacific Ocean


We have not explored all of the spots but I want to share some of our adventures. So far, we explored trail walk within Palos Verdes.

  1. Point Vicente

There is a small museum (Point Vicente Interpretive Center) where you can learn the             history of Palos Verdes. There is also Point vicente lighthouse. Sea scape Trail is a                   crossing scenic coastal bluffs north of Point Vicente Lighthouse. The trail is about 0.7           miles long with excellent ocean views. There are few places to begin Seascape Trail,               including from Point Vicente Interpretive Center at the south end of the trail.

It takes only less than 10 minutes drive from where I live, gosh I am so fortunate !!!





Point Vicente Lighthouse


when you see this sign,


They are not joking when the put this sign, because I also saw rattle snake (I assume, not sure about that) crossing the street at the end of the trail walk ( Calle Entradero) but don’t feel discouraged from doing the walking. It’s not like I see the snake every time I was walking along the trail



Along this trail walk, Seascape Trail offers picturesque views of the lighthouse and the coast. I always find myself at peace when I am walking along this trail.




I will write more about other spots that we already explored, I’ll keep you posted !!!



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