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Steamed cassava with coconut milk (Thai dessert)



When I was still living in Singapore, I used to get this dessert from hawker place. There is a stall in Bukit Timah Market and Food Center selling this dessert. The combination between the steamed cassava and the coconut milk has the right balance. I love it.

Since we moved to USA , whenever I crave for this snack I have to make my own. So far I have not found this snack in Thai restaurant that I have been to. It’s not hard to make this but it was convenient for me just to buy it from hawker place ( I know I sounded like spoiled kid)



Now, just looking at this picture made me want to eat this right away. Okay, let’s start cooking. You can get fresh cassava from Asian supermarket in USA, in USA cassava is called Yucca. The supermarket (RALPH’S) close where I live has ASIAN goods’ section so I just got them from there. Choose the ones that are not squishy when you check the skin.

Ingredients :

  • 800 gr cassava/yucca/tapioca, peel the skin. Cut about 5 cm long each and cut into half. Cut off the hard part in the middle
  • 1 liter water
  • pinch of salt
  • 200 gr sugar


Coconut Milk Sauce

  • 500 ml coconut milk
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 tbsp cornstarch



1. Rinse off the cassava, set aside.

2. Boil water in the medium saucepan, add the cassava. When the cassava has softened but still firm and change to translucent add the sugar and salt. Let the water reduce almost 80%, cassava should look very translucent and very tender. Turn off the heat.

3.Making sauce : Pour the coconut milk in the saucepan, add the salt. Dissolve the cornstarch with little water or coconut milk  then add to the coconut milk mixture.

4. Using small heat, boil the coconut mixture until the it gets thicken. Keep stirring for another 2 minutes and turn off the heat. Keep stirring until the steam comes off.

5. Place some cassava into bowl/serving glass pour the coconut milk sauce on top of it. Can be served cold too.




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Terranea Discovery Trail

We have explored some of walking trails in Palos Verdes, and and I must say all of them are beautiful. It was quite fun doing the walking while having a beautiful view around you. When I am outside close to the nature, I feel peaceful and refreshed. I don’t need to drive far away to do exercise (walking)  and I can also enjoy the nature.

This time I want to take you to Terrranea Discovery trails. It’s about 10-15 minutes driving from where I live. Park your car at the Pelican Cove parking lot.

When you see this spot  DSC_5799.1

You are at the right place to start your walk. If you go to the right, you will find way to Pelican Cove. You want to go to your left side to Terranea Discovery Trail. This trail is part of Terranea Resort. The parking lot closed 1 (one) hour after sunset. We went around December so the sun set early. We were quite rushed to explore this trail because we did not want to be late going back to parking lot ; but it was worth our time.




Do you see the building on the right ? That’s Terranea Resort.

I also made video of this trail on video.


Can you see the furthest point of the bluff, it looks like white fences ? That spot is the place where people take a break from the walk; not because it’s long and tiring but it’s a good spot to enjoy the scenery without you need to rush from walking.

It took about 2 hour for us to finish the trail and go back to the parking lot, that was because I stopped a lot to take pictures and enjoy the view. And I think I need more than 2 hours, seriously ! If your intention is simply to exercise then I would say fine you could shorten to less than 2 hours

This trail will lead to Terranea Resort which looks very nice. There are few picnic table part of the restaurant in Terranea Resort. There’s a sign where you can follow so you won’t go to the wrong direction.




Once you arrive at this spot, that means you already passed the restaurant.

We walked all the way to the turning point but did not manage to check out the cave. You can go in to the cave when it’s low tide. The overall experience was fun, fun and relaxing.

The slide below is collective pictures of the turning point, if you want to check out the cave it’s located at the end of the trail.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I hope this will encourage you to explore this kids-friendly and relaxing walking trail. Until my next exploration, see u later !

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Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow




Hot chocolate, please ?

I know it is spring now, but sometimes it’s still chill in the morning. It feels good to sip a warm drink before starting your day but oh well I don’t have the privilege to have that before I start my morning. Usually, I am busy preparing breakfast for my little family and get ready to send my daughter to school. I only grab my toast and a glass of water for my breakfast. And when I get home, house chores waiting to get done. But ! weekend is different, I can sleep in a little bit and have glorious (and sometimes fancy) breakfast to enjoy. Oh… I love weekend so much !

I usually enjoy a cup of hot chocolate with banana fritter or egg tarts bought from 85 Cafe while looking out the Pacific Ocean, life is good !

There is a Starbucks at Golden Cove shopping center (not far from where I live) with the view of Pacific Ocean, I already have that kind of view so there’s no need for me to go there just for a view (maybe ?) or hot chocolate. My place can provide that ! both hot chocolate and the view of Pacific Ocean. Here’s a view from my balcony.


Well, let’s start making this hot chocolate before you get bored with my story.

Ingredients :

  • 50 gr dark chocolate/bittersweet chocolate
  • 500 ml almond milk
  • 1 teaspoon unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 4 – 6 tablespoons sugar
  • Marshmallow and dark chocolate chip to garnish


Directions :

  1.  Place all the ingredients in the saucepan
  2. Stir them with medium heat using whisk
  3. Bring to boil , let the chocolate melt and sugar dissolve, stir to combine well.
  4. Turn off the heat and pour to the cups.
  5. Top with marshmallow and chocolate chip, serve warm.


Note : the chocolate drink will be sweeter if you put marshmallow on top of it so use 4 tablespoons of sugar if you plan to garnish with marshmallow.





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Lime Curd



I bought a bunch of limes and I already used some of them for limeade but there are still some limes left. I found lemon curd recipe on the internet. I never try what is lime curd like and curious to try this recipe. I have tried pineapple butter and it turned out this recipe taste similar to that. This curd is perfect for spread on the bread, crackers. I also used this curd for pastry filling, yummy…


This recipe is simple and only requires 5 ingredients to make, let’s get cooking


Ingredients : (Make 2 small jars)

  • 3 medium eggs
  • 3/4 cups sugar
  • Pinch of salt
  • 1/2 cup of fresh lime juice and zest
  • 4 tablespoons unsalted butter


Directions :

  1. Combine eggs, sugar, zest and lime juice in the medium saucepan. Whisk it until smooth and well combined.
  2. Turn on the the heat, stay in low heat. Stir constantly with whisk or wooden spoon until the mixtures thickens. Add the butter and stir constantly, turn down the heat to the very low and keep stirring until smooth. It is about 10-15 minutes and turn off the heat. Let it completely cool and store in the sterilised jars.




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Soft and light Japanese cheesecake



When we still lived in Singapore, we can buy this Japanese cheesecake at Giant Hypermarket. It was walking distance (only 10 minutes !) from where we lived so anytime we craved for cheesecake we just went down to Giant. I like the texture of this cake, so airy. Feels like if you want more than just a slice. I know it’s a pseudo effect but it is not like New York cheesecake or other type of cheese cake.

Now, since we moved to California we need to go to Asian Bakery (like cafe 85 or Tous les jours) when we crave for Japanese cheesecake.

When I saw on Youtube how to make this dessert, it seems meticulous. But actually it is not that hard, you just need to be discipline to follow the steps. I found this recipe on the internet, it worked excellent to my taste. I only made half of the recipe as I was skeptical that I can be discipline to follow the steps. After the cake was ready and I tasted it, ohhhh it was so good. I was so happy I could not believe it that I could make such a delicious cheesecake . I wished that I made with full recipe so I can have lots and lots slices. My husband and my daughter loved it. I also shared this cake to my Korean lady and she said her family liked it so much.




Let’s get cooking, don’t feel intimidated by the recipe. Follow the steps  in order and you’ll get the reward by having yummy cheesecake.


Ingredients (from original recipe, I only used half of the recipe) :

  • 6 large eggs (separate them )
  • 260 gr cream cheese
  • 57 gr unsalted butter
  • 96 ml whole milk
  • 88 gr cake flour
  • 28 gr corn starch
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 23 ml lemon juice (from fresh squeezed lemon)
  • 1/4 tsp cream of tartar
  • 165 gr granulated sugar



  1. Separate the eggs, into two bowls
  2. Spray with non stick cooking spray an 8-inch x 3-inch round cake pan , I was using 6 1/2-inch x 3-inch round cake pan . Preheat oven to 325 Fahrenheit (163 Celsius)
  3. Melt together cream cheese, butter and milk in double boiler pot. Whisk it until everything is melted. Turn off the heat, beat the mixture using mixer to smooth out any lumps. Mix it until completely smooth.
  4. Meanwhile, sift the cake flour, cornstarch and salt.
  5. Add the sifted dry ingredients, 55 gr sugar, egg yolks and lemon juice to cheese mixture, beat them with mixer until smooth and free of lumps. Set aside
  6. In preparation of whipping the egg whites, wash and clean the mixer. Make sure the bowl and the mixer is clean from any fat.
  7. Whip the egg whites with mixer on medium speed. When the meringue starts to take shape, add the cream of tartar. Gradually add 110 gr sugar. Whip until meringue turns glossy and increased in volume and holds medium peaks.
  8. Take a dollop of meringue into the cheese mixture and stir it slowly(clockwise), add the third of meringue to the cheese mixture. Slowly stir another third of meringue. Scrape the bottom of the bowl and add the last meringue until it’s completely blended. The mixture should be light and airy as the result.
  9. Pour the cheesecake mixture into the cake pan, place the cake pan in the the larger dish and put the cooling rack between the cake pan and the larger dish, pour hot water gently to the dish until the half of the cake pan. This method is called bain-marie. Make sure it does not splash the cake mixture.
  10. Bake in the preheated oven  for 60 minutes at 325 Fahrenheit (163 Celsius), decrease the temperature to 320 Fahrenheit (160 Celsius) bake for another 10 minutes. Turn off the oven and leave the cheesecake in the oven with the door closed for 30 – 45 minutes.
  11. Transfer the cake into the plate and dust with powdered sugar. 







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Bandrek (Indonesian Spiced Tea with coconut meat)

Hey there !

It’s spring now, the weather is so gorgeous. The temperature here is around 50 – 68 Fahrenheit ( or 11 – 21 Celsius). I am still adjusting with this gorgeous weather, coming from tropical country and spent my life more than half of my age  made  uneasy for me to be in this kind of weather without fuzzy  thingies and warm drink to spice up my day !

I am not complaining, I love the weather but just need to warm up myself before starting day. Indonesia has many kinds of hot or warm drinks that made from spices like : bajigur, bandrek, wedang ronde. I love drinking those stuffs ! Even though not everyday I  have time to make those  so it will be to ready in the morning. I usually make the day before so in the morning I just need to re-heat it.

Although this drink does not contain tea but you still can call it TEA. Anyway, here’s my version of Bandrek


Ingredients :

  • 2 cups of water
  • 2 cinnamon sticks
  • 6 cloves
  • 4-6 cardamom seeds (crush it and take the seeds)
  • 2 lemongrass (cut each into 3, discard the top green part and pound them)
  • 50- 60 grams of ginger, slice them
  • 1 small disk of palm sugar or gula melaka or gula merah (slice them to make it easier to dissolve in the water)
  • 1 young coconut (take out the meat and slice them)
  • 2 tbsp of sweetened condensed milk (optional)


  1. Prepare water in the medium pot with medium heat
  2. Add the lemongrass, slices of ginger, cloves, cardamom seeds and cinnamon sticks into the pot.
  3. Bring to boil, reduce the heat and let it simmer for 10 minutes.
  4. Meanwhile, cut the coconut. Pour the juice into glasses and scrape out the coconut meat. Divide the coconut meat into glasses.
  5. Add the palm sugar into the water and let it dissolve. Turn off the heat and pour the tea into glasses (using strainer) with the coconut meat inside
  6. Add the condensed milk if you crave for sweetness. Serve warm



Versi bahasa Indonesia :


Walaupun saya tinggal di luar Indonesia bukan berarti saya melupakan asal-usul saya yaitu Indonesia. Banyak hal yang bikin kangen sama tanah air-ku yang luar biasa. Salah satunya makanan/minuman khas daerah di Indonesia. Jujur aja, saya belum pernah coba bandrek kecuali bandrek yang sachet-an, duh coba itu !

Karena penasaran sama rasa aslinya si bandrek ini maka mulailah mencari resep yang pas. Saya temukan resep bandrek di sini. Bikin yuk, gampang kok. Dapur saya wanginya sedap sekali sehabis bikin bandrek ini.



  • 450 ml air
  • 2 batang kayu manis
  • 6 cengkeh
  • 4-6 kapulaga, geprek (asyik kan istilah indonesianya !), ambil bijinya.
  • 2 batang sereh ( iris jadi 3 tiap batangnya, geprek)
  • 50-60 gr jahe, iris-iris
  • 50-70 gr gula jawa atau gula palem, iris-iris
  • 1 buah kelapa muda, ambil dagingnya saja.
  • 2 sdm susu kental manis



Cara memasak :

  1. Panaskan air di panci dengan api sedang.
  2. Masukkan sereh, jahe, cengkeh, kapulaga dan kayu manis ke dalam panci.
  3. Didihkan, kurangi api ke api kecil biarkan di atas api selama 10 menit.
  4. Sementara itu, kelapa muda di ambil dagingnya, bagikan ke gelas saji
  5. Masukkan gula palem ke panci, biarkan sampai gula larut. Matikan api, dan dengan menggunakan saringan tuang ke gelas saji (yang sudah diberi kelapa muda).
  6. Tambahkan susu kental manis jika ingin manis. Sajikan hangat.




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Semprit Susu ( Indonesian Style Cookies : Milk Cookies

Hello April  !

I’m back from a short break, I was quite busy in March. Now I’m back in blogging, hopefully I can post more useful articles/recipes in future.

It’s a low key spring break for my daughter.We did not do much, she prefers to stay home to recover from busy weeks at school. We did baking cookies, new recipe. I did not know what to expect, I was skeptical that she would like the cookies since these are not chocolate chip cookies that we baked together before.

It turned out this is very simple cookies to make, she likes it so much. She even asked me to bake more, oh well.




I don’t own this recipe, my contact on facebook posted on the timeline. Here’s the original recipe :

Ingredients :

  • 125 gr unsalted butter (room temperature)
  • 80 ml condensed milk
  • 200 gr corn starch



  1. Preheat oven to 100 degree celcius ( 212 degree Fahrenheit)
  2. Mix well butter and milk in the medium bowl with fork.
  3. Add corn starch to the butter mixture, mix well with spatula until blended well.
  4. Line the baking pan with parchment paper.
  5. Use pull out plunger with star tip, I am just using my thumb to push the dough thru the star tip.
  6. Bake for 28 minutes on the middle rack.


My opinion about this cookies is crunchy, delicate and very fast to finish as this cookies taste so light and airy.