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Terranea Discovery Trail

We have explored some of walking trails in Palos Verdes, and and I must say all of them are beautiful. It was quite fun doing the walking while having a beautiful view around you. When I am outside close to the nature, I feel peaceful and refreshed. I don’t need to drive far away to do exercise (walking)  and I can also enjoy the nature.

This time I want to take you to Terrranea Discovery trails. It’s about 10-15 minutes driving from where I live. Park your car at the Pelican Cove parking lot.

When you see this spot  DSC_5799.1

You are at the right place to start your walk. If you go to the right, you will find way to Pelican Cove. You want to go to your left side to Terranea Discovery Trail. This trail is part of Terranea Resort. The parking lot closed 1 (one) hour after sunset. We went around December so the sun set early. We were quite rushed to explore this trail because we did not want to be late going back to parking lot ; but it was worth our time.




Do you see the building on the right ? That’s Terranea Resort.

I also made video of this trail on video.


Can you see the furthest point of the bluff, it looks like white fences ? That spot is the place where people take a break from the walk; not because it’s long and tiring but it’s a good spot to enjoy the scenery without you need to rush from walking.

It took about 2 hour for us to finish the trail and go back to the parking lot, that was because I stopped a lot to take pictures and enjoy the view. And I think I need more than 2 hours, seriously ! If your intention is simply to exercise then I would say fine you could shorten to less than 2 hours

This trail will lead to Terranea Resort which looks very nice. There are few picnic table part of the restaurant in Terranea Resort. There’s a sign where you can follow so you won’t go to the wrong direction.




Once you arrive at this spot, that means you already passed the restaurant.

We walked all the way to the turning point but did not manage to check out the cave. You can go in to the cave when it’s low tide. The overall experience was fun, fun and relaxing.

The slide below is collective pictures of the turning point, if you want to check out the cave it’s located at the end of the trail.


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I hope this will encourage you to explore this kids-friendly and relaxing walking trail. Until my next exploration, see u later !